Panama Missions Trip

June 11-18, 2016

Dear Friends & Family,

In June of this year, Susan and I will be traveling to Panama with a team from our church in Raleigh, Southbridge Fellowship, to work with Heart’s Cry Children’s Ministry. Hearts Cry was founded to create efficiencies for orphan care around the world, beginning in Panama.  The ministry’s goal is to see God lift orphans out of the pit of despair and give them a firm place to stand. While in Panama, our team will work with Heart’s Cry co-founders Matt and Misty Hedspeth, who attended Southbridge before a series of God ordained circumstances sent them to Panama and led them to start this ministry. God continued to work as Matt and Misty quickly built relationships with members of the Panamanian government.

Their efforts paid off when on July 17th, 2013, the President of Panama signed a law that led to a more streamlined adoption and foster care process. Even more incredibly, a 40,000 square foot, former US Army hospital was donated to Heart’s Cry and is now being converted into the country’s only orphanage for special needs children, truly the forgotten of the forgotten orphans in Panama.

While in Panama, our team will be participating in the work God is doing through the Hedspeth’s as follows:

  • Visiting several orphanages and providing love and care to orphans and staff members
  • Assisting with construction at the new orphanage, appropriately named Casa Providencia
  • Providing fellowship, encouragement and care to the Hedspeths
  • Sharing the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ in all these settings

We’re excited to see how God is going to use our team, impact lives, and grow our walks through this trip. We hope that what God is doing in Panama through Heart’s Cry excites you too, and we invite you to help. Our team needs prayer, not only in Panama but also as we make preparations for the trip.

The team also needs financial partners. The cost of the trip for both of us is $3,000 and there are two ways you can contribute:

Give Online

Click the give button below. You will be asked to create an account, and fill out a brief profile. Once that is complete, click on the link below again, and you can step through the donation process, starting by picking yourself as the donor.

Give Online

If you already have a Southbridge account, please log in, select yourself as the donor on the first page, and then step through the donation process.

Send a Check

You can send a check made out to Southbridge Fellowship and mail it to the church office at:

8611 Brier Creek Parkway
Raleigh NC 27617

Make sure the check does not have our name on it, and on the memo indicate it is for Outreach Missions.  Please include a separate letter or memo indicating it is for Susan & Philip’s Panama Missions Trip.

The anticipation of this trip has reminded me that I was also an orphan, outside of God’s family and without everlasting hope, until He adopted me as a son when I accepted the work of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. I look forward to sharing that same message of hope with the orphans of Panama.

Thanks for all your love and support,

Philip & Susan Lester